To satisfy the needs of production for animal feed, aqua feed and bio-mass industrial, engineers have been using their knowledge & creativity to find solutions for these problems. As a sound and modern enterprise, Dong Luc is reaching for a higher degree of perfection and for better control of quality, economically and results.

When Tran Tung Thien first founded the company in 1997 which is known as Dong Luc Co., Ltd., it was just a small handicraft businesses. Now, Dong Luc expanded to a firm, with 200 employees and have made a name in Viet Nam.

In our modest way, we have been contributing to solve problems with our abilities and knowledge in machine- and installation – construction. The cattle- and aqua-feed industry play a big role in an agricultural countries such as Viet Nam, or South East Asia in general. There was a tendency to process inexpensive materials like tapioca and derivatives and to blend them with vitamins, minerals and other nutritious elements. This young industry was not precedential in Viet Nam at all. Everything had to be built-up from scratch. Mixing-installations, dosing-equipment, pellet-presses, silos, conveyors and pneumatic transports were built by Dong Luc. Our efforts have been contributing to bring Viet Nam feed-industry to the present state.

Dong Luc supplies machinery and services nowadays also to bio-mass for power generation industry. We are studying and innovate in the field of solid processing in general.

Our know-how, updating machinery and tools, together with the developments in process-technology may be used for your company. Our engineers are learning, adapting and evolving to give projects, ideas and solutions for you, by you and with you, an actual and particular image. On demand we acts as a system integrator and bring the best machinery and solutions altogether for an optimal and economical of your process.

You and we together will certainly create and reach an optimal, efficient and technically feasible solution. Dong Luc offers you a wide variety of possibilities. Ranging from consultancy to complete turn-key projects, and everything in between. You may call on us in every phase and for any part of a project. We will always strive for satisfactory results.